Where to Take a Guided Kayaking Tour in San Diego

Where to Take a Guided Kayaking Trip in San Diego

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Have a look around the city of San Diego, and you’re likely to see everybody getting around on bike or by trolley.
While it’s true that San Diego has lots of websites and tourist attractions, few people realize that it’s likewise a perfect place to experience some excellent kayaking. In fact, some of the best scenery of San Diego is only seen from the water, and kayaking is an exceptional way to take in all of the sights and sounds of this “big little city”.

Start your kayaking adventure in San Diego by taking a trip of the La Jolla Sea Caves. While it sounds like it may be a challenging experience, it’s in fact an extremely enjoyable and enjoyable outside adventure! Beginning at the La Jolla Shores, you can paddle your method through an outside paradise while you view locations of San Diego’s coast. Prior to reaching the historic sea caves, you’ll have a chance to obtain up close and personal with sea lions, stingrays, and other aquatic life that live within these canals. In reality, it’s even said that harbor seals sit set down amongst the rocks of the water and “wave” at their visitors who go by!

However, kayaking in San Diego is just as fun in the fall and winter season as it is in the summer. Winter season is known to be a season of hibernation and breeding, which’s precisely what you’ll discover as you check out Baja’s Pacific Coast! During the chillier seasons, gray whales leave their homeland of the Arctic Ocean and make their method to the inviting warmth of Baja. In the months of December and January, the whales mate and give birth. Take advantage of a guided trip from La Jolla Shores during this time, and experience the adventure of seeing these amazing animals personally.

If you plan to visit San Diego with children, there are opportunities for them to experience the fun of kayaking also. In areas of Monterey and Elkhorn Slough, there are really calm and tranquil waters that are best for kids and families. Monterey
Bay provides fascinating history and abundant marine life, while Elkhorn Slough is an outstanding kayaking path for the nature and wildlife enthusiast. (Typically, you can find several types of exotic birds.) The children will love the sensation of paddling through the water on a boat, and grownups will take pleasure in the quiet flight while taking in some sightseeing.

If you’ve ever imagined capturing the most significant fish among your loved ones, then look into chances for kayak fishing around Monterey Bay. While this location is known for its calm and tranquil surroundings, it is likewise the home of some of California’s finest fishing. There are a number of classes provided in the location and guided tours and journeys directed towards kayak fishing.

With so many amazing opportunities for kayaking in San Diego, you make certain to discover the water experience that’s right for you and your family!

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