What’s Hot In San Diego?

Exactly what’s Hot In San Diego?

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Exactly what’s hot in San Diego? That question is not referring to the babes on the beach and the proper answer is not usually the weather condition. If you are asked that question the politically correct way to address is to name the top San Diego traveler locations.

1)The San Diego Zoo. This world famous zoo is not your average see the monkey and feed the goats attraction. This zoo has animals you might not have actually even become aware of, such as the Oryx, and animals that you might be familiar with like the Wild Ass. By the method the Wild Ass is the animal variation not the human variation.

2)Sea World. Where Killer Whales seem charming and cuddly. There are also sharks, manatees, a “forbidden reef” where you can family pet the bat ray, a game, rides, and of course, the Shamu killer whale show.

3) San Diego Wild Animal Park. Visitors claim this is similar to being on an African Safari without taking a trip to Africa and the possible direct exposure to Malaria. The animals remain in the open as opposed to being caged. Visitors can see lions, giraffes, elephants, the Nairobi Town with stores, animals and restaurants and ride the Wgasa Bush Line Railway.

4) Tijuana. The preferred Mexican city of minor college students all over but another popular location for those visiting San Diego. Be prepared to be on your guard as Mexico’s criminal offense rate is higher than the United States’.

5) The Beach. No journey to San Diego would be complete without a journey to Mission Beach. Still keep your mouth shut about the babes here.

There are lots of other fantastic tourist attractions in the San Diego location, such as the town of La Jolla, the Coronado Hotel, fantastic Mexican dining establishments and the San Diego Maritime Museum. Just keep in mind to do your research study, have a good time and most of all, unwind.

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