The Golf Academy Of Arizona, An Sdga Golf School, Hits A Hole In One With Its New And Improved Campus

The Golf Academy Of Arizona, An Sdga Golf School, Strikes A Hole In One With Its New And Improved Campus

“FORE! ” It’s a common cry from green pastures throughout the United States. Possibly started by the intro of Tiger Woods to the pro circuit in 1996, the country’s interest in golf has actually catapulted in recent years. Men and women, young and old, black and white, it appears nowadays that everybody is gearing up for a swing at the tee, or some sort of fracture at the industry. However with little or no experience, many individuals are discovering their imagine a PGA Championship (or LPGA Champion for that matter) stymied.

Aspiring golfers have actually increasingly been turning to the pros for guideline and assistance. Now one academy in Chandler, AZ is better equipped than ever to handle the influx of beginners along with the more skilled golfer looking to burglarize this tough company.

Tactically situated just beyond Scottsdale, the Capital of the golf world, The Golf Academy of Arizona, has actually transferred into expanded, more contemporary quarters. As a school of the San Diego Golf Academy, the oldest, biggest and one of the most renowned golf schools worldwide, TGAA’s management team properly recognized the requirement for renewal and lost no time in getting this job underway.

“We feel that we offer a genuinely unique program,” discusses TGAA Director Tim Eberlein, his pride in the course plainly obvious. “It’s a lot more than just a golf school or lessons. Our trainees are coached in every aspect of the sport– from ways to teach the game of golf, to handling a golf complex. We prepare our students for a true golf career.” He goes on to confess, “And truthfully we were outgrowing our original facility. We acknowledged the have to grow and change, similar to the sport itself has actually grown and altered throughout the years. It was a natural development.”

Now with over 10,000 square feet for class and direction, TGAA’s new school also obtained a brand-new golf simulator to add to its extensive teaching and discovering helps. The cutting edge centers likewise include a computer system lab, administrative offices, trainee and placement service locations, a lounge, and library.

The San Diego Golf Academy is well above par when compared with normal golf guideline courses. It’s an intensive 16-month Partner of Applied/Occupational company degree program. The curriculum is divided in between golf instruction and company management, running on the concept that golf is not simply a sport, but a market, and one that is brimming with opportunity.

Paul Zagnoni, President of SGDA adds, “It is our job to reveal trainees ways to turn their love of the green into green. Now more than ever, we supply our trainees with all the needed tools for an effective career in golf.” He concludes with a smile, “The finished product has far exceeded our every expectation.”

For more information regarding TGAA and its new school, please call Tim Eberlein at 480-857-1574.

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