Taking A Trip By Sea

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Summer cruises remain the most popular with both singles and families who have had enough of going to the same vacation rentals year after year.
The kids are out of school, and most people just enjoy taking their vacation time when the weather is fine. And there is no shortage of destination options to choose from. don’t be surprised if you spend many spare hours just trying to narrow down which of the cruises you want to take first.

Perhaps you would like to take a trip from San Diego to Baja Mexico. Looking for something a little cooler? How about a trip from Vancouver to Alaska. Done those? Maybe it’s time for something a little more unusual.

Look for the smaller cruise ship offerings, they offer great accommodations while also offering great destinations that are too small for the larger ships. If you are looking in the area of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas you will find a number of cruises that will take you to otherwise little-known destinations. Many people like to explore the South of France, others choose better-known locals like Venice or Dubrovnik. But if you are looking for something really different, look for stops at little islands such as Cres and Hvar.

Want to know what it would have been like to be a Viking? Consider a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. These cruises tend to leave from Helsinki and on your trip you will see some ice flows as well as the rest of the scenery offered by Iceland and the Shetland Islands.

On one smaller cruise ship, you can completely take on the culture as well. The ship, which holds only 245 passengers is manned by a Finnish crew that will surround you with the Nordic foods and even teach you their heritage dances.

If you have ever found your self looking longingly at the National Geographic shows about the wildlife in Iceland or Greenland, why not get away from the vacation rentals and be in the midst of it? By taking a trip out of Reykjavik, Iceland or Svalbard, Greenland you will see this beautiful scenery and may well get to see the wildlife you’ve only seen on TV before such as caribou, lemmings, and polar bears.

If all this talk of cold destinations is doing you in, you may want to instead head south of the border. You can take in some culture while you’re at it! There are a number of Mexican cruises out there that in addition to offering you the sun and surf of the region, also will take you to locations of the Mayan Ruins so you can understand the history of this area.

There are a seemingly endless series of cruises available to locations such as Peru, Panama, and Belize, counties that are rich with history and scenery, from rainforests to pristine beaches, that you can experience. If you want to see the view from underwater, off the Belize Coast is one of the world’s best reefs for scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you are more of the European flair style of person, how about a voyage through the Azores. There are many cruises that will take you to the mid-Atlantic islands of Saõ Miguel, Portugal, and Ponta Delgada. If you want the natural experience, there are expeditions that will allow you to get up close to whales and dolphin. And at the end of the day, your floating hotel is waiting with a hot meal.

No matter what destination you consider, you should make sure to book early, many of these summer cruises sell out quickly, especially for the more lower priced accommodations.

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