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The San Diego Golf Academy (SDGA) is teaming together with the Honolulu Marketer for the 2nd year at the annual Swing for the Gold golf competition to benefit Special Olympics Hawaii.
The occasion will happen on Friday, August 11th at 11.30 a.m. at the Hawaii Prince Golf Club. Paul Zagnoni, President of SDGA, guarantees a fun-filled day of golf followed by an awards dinner commemorating the Honolulu Marketer’s Sesquicentennial anniversary.

Swing for Gold becomes part of Unique Olympics Hawaii, which performs a year-round program of physical training and competitors at regional, area and chapter levels. Throughout the Special Olympics professional athletes complete at local and location events prior to advancing to the chapter level competition. Unique Olympics Hawaii professional athletes are used the chance to get involved and complete in clinics, camps and competitors in the following sports and occasions: Aquatics, Sports, Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Physical fitness, Power Lifting, Soccer, Softball, Tennis and Speed Skating.

The story of Special Olympics Inc. starts back in 1946 when the Kennedy household established the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Structure, to honor the memory of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who was eliminated in World War II. The structures’ mission was to learn how to avoid psychological retardation, and to enhance society’s treatment of individuals with psychological retardation.

In the 1950’s Eunice and Robert Sargent Shriver entered into the photo; 2 amazing individuals who committed their lives to helping individuals with specials needs. After discovering that individuals in the United States with psychological specials needs had the greatest unmet needs in all of the nation’s health care delivery systems, they were motivated to start a summertime day camp for 100 mentally disabled adults and children at their home in Rockville, MD.

. The day camp was a substantial success, and demonstrated that people with psychological disabilities could not only take part in a large range of recreational activities, however that they also enjoyed them enormously and benefited considerably from the experience. As a result, the structure granted more than 80 small grants to organizations throughout the USA, allowing them to develop similar day camps in numerous communities.

Unique Olympics Inc. was initially established in December 1968, as a non-profit company, to supply year-round sports training and athletic competitors in a range of Olympic-type sports for children and grownups with mental challenges. The program likewise helps to foster increased understanding and integration of individuals with mental retardation in the general neighborhood. All the money raised in Hawaii remains in Hawaii to establish and keep programs for the thousands of individuals with psychological specials needs that live throughout the state.

Individuals wanting to support Swing for the Gold golf tournament can opt to become bronze, silver or gold sponsors, or make a routine contribution. The last day for sponsorship is July 21st
For more information concerning the competition, contact Kehau Christian at -LRB-808-RRB- 943-8808 ext. 34

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