Seaport Village In San Diego

Seaport Town In San Diego

Seaport Town is perhaps my favorite shopping center in San Diego. I don’t go there often, and it doesn’t have the major department stores, but if you delight in special and eccentric stores, this is the shopping mall for you.

My individual favorite has actually constantly been the Lefty Shop. I’m best handed, and they primarily offer tools for lefties, however they have things anybody can delight in. I love my “counter clock” I bought there. Take a look at a routine clock in a mirror, and that’s exactly what my clock looks like. The double takes that clock gets is just classic.

The mix of shopping, park, home entertainment and waterfront actually makes Seaport Village stand apart. Lots of shops are more geared toward tourists than residents, but there’s plenty for locals to delight in.

At different times, you can kick back and enjoy live music. Sometimes you’ll even see people dancing to the music as the band plays.

You’ll discover a terrific kite store, art galleries and other distinct shops with merchandise you simply won’t discover many other places. That’s the genuine enjoyable of Seaport Village – the originality of the shopping experience.

Done shopping? Stroll on over to the park and see the kites fly. Benefit from the kite shop ahead of time and you can sign up with the crowd.

The food ranges from cookies to hamburgers to severe dining. I frequently just pick up a hamburger and french fries, looking out for the ever present and hungry pigeons. It’s also enjoyable to rest on the wall and keep an eye out across the water.

Seaport Village takes more time than you might expect to go through, even if of the originality of its shops. Don’t hurry through the weaves – you may miss out on several shops that you would actually delight in.

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