San Diego Beach Hikes – Cardiff to Carlsbad

San Diego Beach Hikes– Cardiff to Carlsbad

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San Diego provides a bunch of interesting hikes.
With the average house rate being around $500,000, they much better be fascinating!

To unwind, I normally stop on my method home from work to hike from Cardiff to Carlsbad on the beach. For attractive sunsets and “tasty waves”, the beach between Cardiff to Carlsbad can’t be beat.

Cardiff – Beginning

I usually start this hike by parking just south of dining establishment row in Cardiff. Dining establishment row is located to the north of the lagoon in between Cardiff and Solana Beach on Highway 101. Parking lies on the side of the road, which is right up against the beach. Give me benefit or give me death!

As you head north, you first pass Charlie’s and other restaurants. Past the restaurants, you will concern the start of the bluffs that will line the beach to the end of the hike. San Elijo camping area is on top of the initial bluffs and extends for approximately a mile north. The camping area is very popular and the temporary house of residents and tourist. You can tell the difference by contrasting tans with sunburns.

Following San Elijo, you will walk through Sea Cliff County Park with bluffs over 100 feet high. An area understood passionately as “Swami’s” quickly follows this park. The name derives from the reality the location above the bluff is the home of the Self Awareness Fellowship Center. This area is called hot browse spot, but is extremely crowded. If you are a bit winded, you can stop and enjoy 50 or two surfers maneuver for waves. Yes, traffic jams aren’t specifically limited to California highways.

North of Swami’s, you will travel along a long strip of sand hemmed in by 50 to 60 foot bluffs in the town of Encinitas. For those with a wicked sense of humor, there is a reasonably popular video game called, “Watch your home fall.” Yes, the bluffs are distributing slowly. As they wear down, the homes first lose plants, then patios and so on. They say real estate is everything about location, area, area, but often a beach front home isn’t all that great.

The Encinitas section of the hike is relatively long. With the high bluffs, you will find sections of the beach that are deserted. Yes, even during summer. The only thing separating the solitude is Moonlight Beach, a relatively popular beach with residents. Otherwise, it’s simply you, shells and joggers up until you get to completion of the bluffs and South Carlsbad. Time to turn around and discover the car.

The Cardiff to South Carlsbad hike has to do with 5 miles in each direction. The walk is flat and quick. By the end, you will be unwinded and forget that Bert in accounting is a jerk. Enjoy.

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