Portugal – Lisbon, Algarve and Lagos

Portugal– Lisbon, Algarve and Lagos

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On the southwestern pointer of continental Europe, Portugal is an old school nation. In this short article, we have a look at Lisbon, Lagos and the Algarve.


Lisbon is the biggest city in Portugal and lies on the Atlantic coast in middle of the country. I’ve been to Lisbon 3 times, however only for a couple of days each time. Whenever I come away with the impression of elegance.

Showing up by train, your very first taste of Lisbon is when you walk out of the train station straight onto the shore of the harbor. As you seek to the ocean, the name “San Francisco” right away comes to mind. Mountains rise up on both sides of the mouth of the harbor and after that there is the bridge. Encountering the mouth of bay is a bridge that looks for all extensive functions like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I have actually never had a possibility to research study it, however there has to be a connection.

As you walk into Lisbon, everything is tidy and unwinded. There are walking only streets with cafes and garden areas. Bringing to mind San Francisco again, there are cable television automobiles running though the center of the city. I cannot inform you why, however Lisbon is a very low stress city on both the mind and the wallet. Yep, it is inexpensive and a good location for budget tourists.


The Algarve is the southwestern pointer of Portugal and verge on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. This is an interpretation on my part as some feel the location only covers the beaches on the Mediterranean Ocean. Regardless, the Algarve is a collection of beach towns that remind me of Southern California in the 1940’s. No I am not that old. I am simply relying on family stories and pictures. Jeez, give me some credit! One of the highlights of the Algarve is Lagos.


I matured in San Diego, California. It’s a terrific place to be a kid and an adult. The only complaint I have is a great deal of people appear to feel the exact same way. The population has actually exploded beyond belief, highways are crowded on weekends and housing costs typical roughly $500,000 for a luxurious closet without driveway. Its still great, but I have actually begun to think of relocating. If I do, Lagos may be my destination.

Lagos is a sleepy beach neighborhood with just about anything you could desire in paradise. White beaches, personal beaches, grottos, wine growing, a lively nightlife, modern conveniences and just about the nicest people you have ever fulfilled in your life.

You can remain in a hotel while in Lagos, however this is a mistake in my opinion. Instead, go to the train station and reserve a room with a family. Families in cities all over the world do this, however Lagos is different. The household you stay with basically embraces you as one of their own. They will transport you all over town, introduce you to other locals and typically provide you a true taste of Portugal. For veteran travelers, absolutely nothing could be better.


For an overall ranking, I offer Portugal and Lagos the greatest score of “bar.” I enjoyed it so much, I wished to remain and practically acquired a bar by blackmailing, paying off and asking a good friend in California over the phone. Alas, his partner didn’t think it was such a good idea.

Hey, how about you? We could most likely still get a good deal!

No, seriously.

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