Overcoming Obstacles – The Story of Jewel

Getting rid of Obstacles– The Story of Jewel

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Do you have a dream?
I wager you do.

And I likewise wager you have a long list of reasons you aren’t pursuing that dream.

But you CAN begin turning your dream into a reality– no matter what your current circumstances are.

Take Jewel, the American pop singer. Even as a kid, Jewel understood she wished to be singer.

After high school, she decided working dead end jobs was an intolerable method to live, so she moved into her VW van (and I think her mother also moved in the van with her). There she lived on peanut butter and carrot sticks, composed tunes and carried out at a regional coffee shop in San Diego. Ultimately, while still in the van, she was “discovered.” With her very first advance, she rented a home with her mother, bought a “new” automobile (an utilized Volvo) and a new guitar.

And the rest is, as they state, history.

Jewel knew she wanted to pursue a dream and she did, although she had no money and no connections. She conquered her absence of loan and eventually became a huge success.

However even without becoming a big success, you can still take steps this very day to start living your dream. No, I’m not asking you to stop your job and move into your car. But there are small actions you can take each day to bring you a bit closer to living your dream.

Action Steps:

1. Write down your dream.

2. Now write down all the steps that have to happen to turn that dream into a truth. Not sure about all the steps? Make researching the actions the very first thing on your action strategy.

3. Make the commitment to spend 15 minutes every day working on your dream. That’s all you need to do– just invest 15 minutes on a job (more if you can suit the time).

Fifteen minutes might not appear like a lot of time, however trust me, even something that small makes a huge difference. I ensure that if you religiously invest 15 minutes on your dream, prior to you understand it, you’ll begin to see it manifesting right before your eyes.

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