Guanajuato: A New Restaurant In Town

Guanajuato: A New Restaurant In the area

For the past 3 and a half years, I have actually been waiting for a restaurant to come along that would prove, once and for all, that Guanajuato, Mexico, does not lack great food.
Manuals state Guanajuato does not have any good restaurants. Now, I can stop this nonsense once and for all– I hope.

Frascati, conveniently located in Guanajuato’s El Jardin de Union, is a wonderful place for birthday event or for any special celebration. That’s why we existed– the spouse’s birthday. The decoration is contemporary Mexican with just a touch of custom. There is an indoor waterfall over the stairs, which adds to the restaurant’s individuality. This dining establishment will attract those accustomed to paying a little more for their meals to eat in an area with ambience. The dining-room is on the second flooring of Hotel San Diego and is accessible from the hotel’s lobby by stairs in the front or by the elevator at the back of the lobby. The premium tables neglect Guanajuato’s main and most popular plaza, El Jardin de Union, through big open doors that lead to the terrace.

Frascati is a prestigious dining establishment chain in Mexico and serves an Italian menu of pleasantly delightful choices. The supervisor of the Guanajuato facility, a graduate of Penn State University, appeared to be the only bilingual staff member. The rest of the staff has actually been trained in basic English. They can explain the items on the menu and take your order, however that is about the degree of their English abilities. This is a new twist in Guanajuato. The supervisor informed me that speaking English is not a requirement for work.

Given that all the window seats were taken, we sat across from the middle window. We still had a good view and were able to feel the lovely breeze that naturally cooled the dining area. Our orders of Lasagna and Cannelloni, taken by immaculately dressed and poised young Mexican waiters, came quickly. The bread served was not the usual bolillos– generally served in Guanajuato– however was fresh and gratifying.

The meal was the entrée and absolutely nothing else. This amazed us. At one of our favorite dining establishments in Guanajuato, Casa Valadez, the meals include succulent side meals of rice and veggies. This meal included an adequately filling Italian dish and bread and absolutely nothing more. A salad would have cost us nearly as much as the entree.

Rates were high considering exactly what you get for your money. In Casa Valadez, you get comparably tasting food and service equivalent to Frascati’s however more for your money. Valadez does not have the décor but exactly what the heck when what you desire is an excellent meal for an excellent rate. The costs at Frascati’s make this facility one for upper income bracket tourists or locals. However, it is great for an unique event meal for the rest of us. Our lunch, with sodas, coffee and dessert, set us back about thirty dollars.

The most unique menu item at Frascati’s, worth a trip to this central Mexican town to sample, is their megalithic brownie and ice-cream dessert. It was a meal all by itself. I’m not making this up! Trust me when I tell you that it deserves whatever you need to do to get here and try it.

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