Ghost Ride The Whip Video Production

The University of Nottingham Sport Girls Night In. Photos by Alex Wilkinson Photography and Videography,
Source: Flickr

Ghost Riding the Whip is something that just happens. I suggest you might simply take place to be there someplace with some pals and do some ghost riding and somebody simply may be there with something that tapes video and then exactly what ever it looks like, you post it for people over the world to see. That is cool I admit.

On the other hand if you plan your video production it will turn out a lot more refined and be even more interesting to watch. I have had video on my web sites for years so I like the concept.

I guess the worse concept is Mobile phone Video. You can spot that video right away. They are very fuzzy, especially in the evening, and the noise in uncertain.

The very best video originates from a DVR or digital video recorder. These record either on tape or on disk. I have a Sony and it takes stunning video. If you do not have one then obtain one from someone that does. They hook up with a firewire to the computer with a little bit of software of 1000 different ranges.

These electronic cameras have a steadiness filter integrated in however it does not help a heck of a lot. So what next? A tripod. I have to confess they are a remarkable aid when it pertains to steadying the cam. Rather of appearing like an earthquake it is more TELEVISION production like. The better ones feature an oil damped head. Makes moving the electronic camera smooth and non jerky.

So exactly what else assists? That’s easy. I have found that rehearsal is great. I tape everything the first time and after that take a look at it in the cam video screen and say to myself “What can I do that would look better and more interesting to the people out there” Then I do it over again. I normally have to do that 4 times to obtain it pretty close to what I desire the ended up item to look like. Pretty difficult thing to do While Ghost Riding the Whip I expect. Especially if everyone is in a great state of mind.

Last but not the least is the modifying department. There are a great deal of editing programs out there to make your ended up video stand out from the crowd. I utilize Sony Screen Blast Film Studio. You can piece together all your video bits. Add Titles and COMPLETION frames. Peaceful down the video and include music and sound effects. You can also diminish the size to get the video to something that will not take 20 minuets to download.

Remember security is a must. No matter what, be safe. Falling off the hood and getting run over will not feel cool. And I don’t wish to see it on the internet.

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