Generation Y’s At Work San Diego’s Search Engine Entrepreneurs

Generation Y’s At Work San Diego’s Online search engine Entrepreneurs

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October 2, 2007. It’s a common day at SEOhaus in the biggest workplace situated within the business’s 1400sqft. space, staff members being in a semi-circle around a cordless speaker phone.

“We need to really focus on enhancing our PR,” a client states, his voice on speaker phone audible throughout the space.

“We can do that,” among the staff members states, glancing down at the yellow legal pad on her lap. “Let’s come up with an option.”

Ten minutes later on, when the meeting ends, the employees distribute to their respective offices, and the business’s owners, William Senn, 26, and William Canu, 25, take a time-out from their chaotic work schedules to share exactly what it’s like being a business owner under 30.

“We’re growing so quick,” Canu states, leaning back in his workplace chair and glancing over his shoulder at the hectic traffic listed below on Kettner Blvd. “It’s incredible.”

The two Williams, who began SEOhaus from the profits of their last business venture’s mail-order DVD rental service, have actually seen their business grow from a single space with two employees (themselves) to a small business with approximately ten full-time staff members and growing. Next week, the company will transfer to a much larger workplace suite down the hall.

“We’re delighted,” says Senn, a former Google worker.” The walls of the new workplace are being painted right now, and it (the relocation) is beginning to feel main.”

SEO, or Seo, is all about the art of achieving increased traffic, existence, and page rankings (i.e. higher search engine result) for a site, and this is accomplished by a variety of different techniques, consisting of, however not limited to: constructing links, writing and marketing SEO content articles, social bookmarking, and website design.

“SEOhaus is a shop company,” Senn discusses, “We concentrate on customized services, and our staff members are great at exactly what they do.”

SEOhaus and it’s twenty-something owners, represent a growing trend in American service: young entrepreneurs making an impact in their respective markets and developing effective companies prior to their 30th birthday.

Their generation, called Generation Y (1981-1995) is a generation of young business owners. The online publication recently released the list of the “thirty coolest entrepreneurs under thirty,” profiling individuals who started their own business– some while still living in their moms and dad’s homes, and have seen them grow tremendously in just a few short years.

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