The Facts and Myths of Beauty Care

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There are many beauty care facts and myths taking a hop all over the world. A few of the myths remain permanently and reach like a wildfire. But, in order to relieve your mind, here are a number of facts and myths about beauty care:

Myth: Natural products are the safest

Fact: That statement is not a myth. Natural products are the safest to use. On the other hand, some natural products should not be applied straight on your skin. Fruit acids, tea tree oil and witch hazels should not be to your skin.

Myth: Washing your hair everyday makes it dry and lifeless.

Fact: That claim may be true. But, you have to choose and then use a suited shampoo for your hair. Find a shampoo that will add moisture to your hair instead of making it dull and dry. Treating your hair with a better well-suited shampoo will add beauty, depth and life to your hair. When it comes to black hair, moisture is important. Everyday washing, followed by a heat process may make the hair more dry than required.

Myth: Cutting your hair frequently will help it grow longer.

Fact: You may only help to grow the length of your hair by letting the proper blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles. When you consistently trim your hair, a process takes place which makes a healthy condition that is suitable for hair growth.

Myth: Cosmetics include harmful and toxic ingredients

Myth: Cosmetics include harmful and toxic ingredients that are negative for your skin

Fact: Not all cosmetics are dangerous to the skin. There are two essential factors which may identify how harmful a product may be: (1) your skin type and (2) the products used by a beauty company. You should know your skin type and only use products that are well-suited for you. Beauty companies are expected to observe some standard rules and regulations of regulatory agencies so that their ingredients may be used by most buyers.

Myth: If you sleep with wet hair it will lead to scalp fungus

Fact: Scalp fungus is not resulted in by sleeping with wet scalp. Although, you may build a scalp fungus due to infected hair care devices and other human mistakes.

Myth: Using lemon juice brings on hair to brighten or turn into blonde

Fact: This is not true. Lemon juice is likely to give shine to the hair but it does not turn its color.

Myth: Brushing thinning hair will cause it thinner

Fact: If you use a good hair brush then your hair loss issue will not be aggravated. You can only lose hair that is ready to fall out. But remember, brushing your hair too much is always warned.

Myth: Eating foods that include oil will lead to acne and pimples

Fact: That claim is not true. Acne and pimples occur when the pores of the skin are not cleaned effectively. Skin pores become clogged with dirt and oil which then turn into pimples and acne. Bacterial growth and hormonal changes lead to acne as well. But, irrespective of what we eat, regularly eating a healthy diet is always recommended.

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