Duncan Hunter – Republican

Duncan Hunter was born May 31, 1948 in Riverside, California. He graduated from Rubidoux High School in 1966. He first went to the University of Montana for a year, then transferred to the University of California at Santa Barbara, before employing in the United States Army in 1969. This would lead him to serve in the Vietnam War till 1971. In the military, he took part in 24 helicopter attacks, held the rank of First Lieutenant, and was awarded with the Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, and Vietnam Service Medal.

Through this military service, he was later able to make use of the G. I. expense to attend the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, from which he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law and his Juris Physician in 1976. He was confessed to the State Bar of California that exact same year, and opened his own storefront legal service, from which he supplied affordable as well as pro bono work for the Hispanic community.

His entry into politics was when he was hired to run for a seat in California’s 52nd congressional district of the House of Representatives. He was elected to this position in 1980. Although running as a Republican, he acquired remarkable support from a Democratic base and won favor with both the Hispanic and Caucasian communities in his district ever since. He has actually remained in his Congressional seat, and has just recently revealed that he will not seek the workplace even more in 2007.

Duncan Hunter has functioned as the chairman of your house Armed Solutions Committee since 2002. From there, he has made some micromanaging choices concerning ladies in the military and intelligence financing, as well as military spending. He has actually mentioned that in his view, our government’s “highest obligation is owed to our forces in uniform, specifically throughout this time of war.”, and has actually been critical of coworkers and measures which fall short of this mark. He has likewise been an outspoken advocate of aerospace defense financing, calling on the Department of Defense to accelerate actions to check and adopt new protective weapons.

In 2005, he presented the Right to Life Act, a move against abortion rights. He introduced the Parents Empowerment Act in 2004, which would empower moms and dads and guardians to sue any individual who exposes their charge to porn. He also mandated more border security fencing between San Diego County and Tijuana; this legislation was later included with the Secure Fence Act.

He has actively opposed worldwide trade arrangements such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO.
He has also developed the Peace Through Strength political action committee, which advocates that worldwide peace is only possible through military strength, much just like how foreign policy was under the Cold War.

In 2006, Duncan Hunter announced his candidateship to run for the office of United States President in 2008. His campaign has left to a rather rough run, however, but there might be a second possible workplace in his future, as another candidate, Mike Huckabee, has actually mentioned that Hunter would be good to fill out a position as Secretary of Defense in his cabinet.

Duncan Hunter is a political curiosity. While staying an extremely main Conservative Republican, he has regularly communicated with a Democratic voting base in his district and has won assistance from both sides of the party fence in manner ins which nearly can not be discussed. Part of it may be his working-class roots and his military service. He can count on the votes from the military and defense contract base, along with the rich markets around the border of the military.


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