Costa Rica – VW Vans and Crawling Things

Costa Rica– VW Vans and Crawling Things

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For much better or even worse, guy has tamed Nature in numerous nations. My basic impression is this isn’t really the case in Costa Rica.

San Jose to Carrillo

Roughly ten people had actually decided to head to Costa Rica for a week to stay at a pal’s location just outside the beach town of Carrillo on the west coast. We flew into San Jose and were expected to be fulfilled by a rental business representative that had 2 new VW vans for us.

As typically takes place in such scenarios, we weren’t fulfilled by anybody much less an individual with vans. Calls were made but not responded to. Lunch was had. Calls were made again and lastly answered. After a little bit of “intense” discussion, we were told the vans would be at the airport in 15 minutes. Approximately two hours later on, two VW vans obviously stolen from Woodstock rolled into car park. The trip had actually certainly begun on a sour note, however we chose to cut our losses and take the vans.

As we presented of San Jose, it was starting to get dark. Uninformed that a brand-new highway had actually been opened, we followed the old path which wound through the mountains and included 2 hours to the journey. Two hours that would haunt us for days.

As the hours passed, we laughed away the time reliving the past. I was being in the back of the van with Stuart, a nurse in San Diego, and Picasso, a graphic designer for browse clothing companies. We were all in shorts and flip flops, which was suitable for the heat and humidity. How I wished I had actually worn trousers and boots.

As we owned along, we occurred to come upon a little village. Little coffee shops and shops passed us as we drove down the roadway. So did street lights. Brilliant street lights. Street lights that illuminated the within the van.

And the things in it.

Cockroaches. Huge cockroaches. They were getting on the walls of the van and across the floors. A couple of even took off and flew from one wall to the other.

This is the part in the motion picture where the guys, Picasso and I, do something about it to secure our female buddy, Stuart. Naturally, who thinks what they see in the movies? In our case, Picasso screamed like a little woman and began stomping on the floor and kicking the walls. I, in turn, did the ultimate crunch, which is to state I whipped my legs off the ground with such speed regarding make a drill sergeant weep with joy. I then leapt off the bench just to make sure there weren’t any of the little buggers in my shorts. Stuart, on the other hand, just laughed at us.

Our motorist whipped over to the side of the road to learn what the heck was going on. The other van pulled over also and found they had a cockroach issue also. We were apparently driving the hive around the nation.

After getting a little liquid guts at one of the coffee shops in the town, we created a service for keeping the scary crawlies at bay. More liquid courage, drivers excepted. Far more.

New bravery in hand, we reclaimed the vans and hauled it to Carrillo as quick as possible. Picasso danced the cockroach crunch throughout the remainder of the trip, makinged for an untidy van and the requirement for new flip flops. I hoped I was thinking of things crawling on my legs. Stuart simply kept laughing.

Nature is beautiful, other than when it ain’t!

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