Caution: Chicago Just Might Blow You Away

Care: Chicago Simply Might Blow You Away


The Windy City is full of more than just, well, air.
Chicago is the heart and soul of America’s Midwest, the nation’s 3rd biggest city behind New york city and Los Angeles, and claims a few of the most identifiable architectural monuments of American tradition and culture, such as historic Wrigley Field and the Sears Tower. Chicago’s skyline is one of the most recognizable in the United States and the soulful sounds of this city are some of the most recognizably influential all over the world.

Chicago is situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, making it both a strategic financial port city and a lifeline into America’s heartland. A wave of European immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries made the city a real iconic melting pot for the country as a whole. Additionally, Chicago has roughly equivalent populations of Caucasians and African Americans and the second largest population of Chicanos behind Los Angeles. This multicultural identity includes unequaled taste to Chicago cuisine, art neighborhood and, obviously, political history. Remember, Chicago is the site of the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention where riots taken place in the streets and severe police force was employed.

Dust it off, Attempt Again and Flourish
The architectural sophistication of Chicago can mainly be credited to the zeal with which Chicagoans got better following the devastating Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The world’s first high-rise building was constructed from the ashes and Chicagoans proceeded to strongly commit themselves to conservation, which is why you will have the benefit to see the abundance of historical buildings lining the streets. Take a Loop Tour Train to see the majority of the substantial websites while a guide from the Chicago Architectural Foundation makes note of their attributes. Lincoln Park is a massive artery of Chicago’s culture, history and greenery and a terrific location to begin checking out the city’s infinite areas. Do not miss the Lincoln Zoo and the Notebaert Nature Museum. Also keeping Chicago noteworthy in history books, Oak Park, a Chicago suburban area, is the birthplace of Earnest Hemmingway and the house of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Chicago Blues and Comedy Troupes There is no better way to put it except that Chicago has soul. The life of the city pulses on jazz beats and blues developments, impromptu improv and thoroughly worked theater. The Second City Comedy Performers is the initial house of Saturday Night Live as well as uses a jam-packed house of laughs on a consistent schedule. Along the Chicago River, the Civic Opera Building (1929) is home to the world popular Lyric Opera of Chicago and is especially the 2nd biggest theater in the United States. In a city that developed house music, brought to life techno and is exploding with jazz clubs, your evenings will never leave you desiring.

To take in the entire of Chicago, the proper way is from above. To top off your experience when you travel to Chicago, go to the historical skydeck of the Sears Tower or savor the 94th floor panoramic views of the Hancock Observatory, which likewise offers a delightful touch of live jazz on the weekends. Travel to Chicago and find the blue-collar workingman’s origin of the American Dream, laced with all the trimmings of progressive modernism.

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