Cabrillo National Monument

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Found in San Diego California, the Cabrillo National Monument provides a historic lighthouse with plenty

of activities. There are great views here too,

with tidepools, flora and fauna,
whales to watch, as well as military history.

The Monument offers hiking along designated routes,

cycling on paved roadways, and swimming within the

park limits. Fishing is permitted here too,

with hook and line – although just one fish may be

taken. When strolling the routes and checking out, make

sure to be on the lookout for cliff areas, as they

can be extremely unsteady.

A lot of visitors concern the National Monument to

enjoy the breathtaking views
of the San Diego Bay and
the Pacific Ocean. Since of this extremely factor, the

park has actually become of the best harbor views anywhere in

California – or the world for that matter!

The tidepools are fantastic to see here too, although

you should constantly be careful. Even though they are

fantastic to admire, the surface area might be very slippery.

Whenever you remain in the San Diego area, a journey to

the Cabrillo National Monolith is more than worth the

time. You can walk the trails, have a good time, or just

delight in the breathtaking views of San Diego that just

the Cabrillo National Monolith can supply you with.

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