Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach is a two mile long, sandy strip of
beach situated at the base of the majestic cliffs
that can be approximately 300 foot high.
Formally understood
as Torrey Pines City Beach, it’s jointly owned by
the City of San Diego and the State of California.
There is also a glider port atop the cliff that
ignores the beach where hang gliders as well as
push-button control gliders can be seen skyrocketing.

Gaining access to Black’s Beach isn’t really simple due
to the high cliffs and absence of stairs. The
most safe access is from the nearby beaches to the
north and south, although in this manner might be blocked
by high tides or browse.

The cliffs here are unstable too, and slides
can happen anytime, so it’s constantly best to stay
away from them. There’s no irreversible lifeguard
station at this beach either. There are some on
responsibility mid day from Spring Break through completion
of the October.

Remember, a lot of California beaches experience
really strong rip currents. Black’s Beach is no
exception, as the rip currents can get really strong
here. To be on the safe side, constantly swim near
shore or near a lifeguard.

The water activity at Black’s Beach is practically
uncontrolled. Web surfers and swimmers may blend, however
they are all required to use care and preventing
injuring each other.

Black’s Beach is also an excellent beach for
browsing, specifically at the south end. Scuba
diving isn’t recommended here, due to access
issues and browse conditions.

Despite the fact that access can be hard, Black’s Beach is
still an excellent beach. It provides a lot of
privacy, views, and sand for the kids. If you’ve
never been here, this beach can quickly prove to
be one of your favorites in the whole location of
San Diego.

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