Bird Watching Binoculars – Critical Bird Watching Equipment

Bird Enjoying Binoculars– Critical Bird Seeing Equipment

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Avid bird watching lovers often appear like pack mules treking to a gold rush in the west.
Bird watching field glasses are one of the important tools they bring.


There are a great deal of problems when it comes to picking field glasses for bird viewing. Optics and personal preference appear to be the primary, but here is a list of problems you need to think about.


Bashability isn’t truly a word in the English language, however it definitely uses to bird watching. The bashability of field glasses describes how hard they are. For instance, if you drop them on the driveway while packing the automobile, will they hold up? What if you drop them off a small cliff? I, err …”a good friend” once did this on the cliffs above Torrey Pines beach in San Diego. More than a couple of individuals have been amazed to learn that binoculars go out of whack when slammed. Now, I recognize you would never ever drop them or subject them to anything however the finest treatment, however just check them for me.


I like wine. I drink wine. Unless I am standing at the sales register, I cannot really tell the difference in between a $10 bottle of wine and one selling for $100. Bird watching binoculars seem to run along the exact same lines.

You can buy bird viewing field glasses for as much as $1,000. Heck, Victoria’s Secret or Neiman Marcus most likely have diamond encrusted ones for $100,000. Do you have to invest this cash? No. My individual experience has exposed binoculars in the $200 to $400 variety perform well and I have actually never missed a sighting because of their quality.

Clearly, you can spend whatever you wish, but remember you don’t have to go overboard. Plus, binoculars without diamonds have the tendency to still be on the beach once you make it down from the cliff.


This may sound obvious, however you need to purchase binoculars that are comfortable. Ideally, you are going to lug these infants around for 10 or 20 years. Make sure they “fit” your face and spacing of your eyes. Also, make certain they do not weigh too much. After a few hours of birding, this can end up being a problem.

If you’re going to be a birder, you’re going to need binoculars. Like wine, you can overdo it on them, but don’t have to.

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