Belmont Park In San Diego

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Located in bright San Diego, the Belmont Park is one

of the best theme park in San Diego. With plenty

for the entire family, this Park has something for

everyone. With flights for the whole family and essentially

everything in between, Belmont Park produces a very

amazing experience.

The most unique destination in the Park is the Giant

Dipper Roller Coaster. The coaster was integrated in 1925 and

has actually been restored for many years. This coaster is truly

one of a kind, as it offers quick drops,
steep hills,
and insane speed!

Belmont Park in San Diego likewise offers the unlimited wave,

which is ideal for wave riders. The Flowrider provides

per hour trips, even lessons for novices. If waves

aren’t your sort of thing, you might discover the raceway bumper

cars and trucks or the Mayhem enticing. Turmoil looks like a ferris

wheel, although it develops a random 3 dimensional

rocking and rolling. Anytime you get on it, no two flights

are every the very same!

For arcade enthusiasts, there is a household fun arcade and

gamelords. This develops the supreme video gaming experience,

keeping kids, teenagers, as well as grownups inhabited for

hours on end.

Other rides at the park include the Vertical plunge, krazy

kars, and the infamous “plunge”. The plunge is a terrific

destination, and in fact happens to be the largest indoor

heated pool in San Diego. Perfect for swimming, diving,

and simply enjoying yourself, the plunge is a blast.

To feel the experience, the Crazy Submarine and the

Trampoline can assist you. To genuinely check your limits, the

Rock Wall will provide a special challenge. Anyone wanting

to provide it a shot, can get to climbing up the wall and see if

they genuinely have exactly what it takes to get to the top.

Once you’ve had your fill on trips, there are plenty of

other entertainment and events to keep you occupied. In

Belmont Park, there is always something going on. With

San Diego being a tourist attraction, you can bet the

entertainment in Belmont Park is nothing except


For the kids, Belmont Park provides some truly unsurpassable

deals on birthday celebrations or private celebrations. If you

choose to have a celebration here, you can pretty much lease a

portion of the park on your own. For kids, this can really

be a memorable memory.

Closed Monday – Thursday, Belmont Park is open Friday and

Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM and Sunday 11 AM – 8 PM. Although

the park is closed on major vacations, you can check out on

the weekends and take pleasure in the best in home entertainment.

To round out your fun, make sure you do a little shopping

and take in some of the food. Belmont Park in San Diego

has terrific food and shopping, providing you more than a few

needs to go to the park and be impressed – really surprised.

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